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I have always been a painter. I have taken a self directed approach thus far in my career; taking courses in the many places I involve myself in community art events. Alongside my personal art work, I spend time encouraging and teaching others to explore art in its many mediums.

There are many familiar themes that run through my work:

  • nature, 
  • iconic female deities,
  • fairytales,
  • ancient text,
  • hidden symbols

Folklore and symbolism of many cultures, all brought together in my paintings to tell a story. 

I am a painter; acrylic and watercolor are my main mediums. Music is also an important genre of art I am involved in. I am a singer songwriter, singing traditional and folk music.

20 years ago I was introduced to African Drumming. Since then, I was part of a woman's drumming group in Calgary AB called the Djem-Babes! When I moved to Eastend 11 years ago, I brought my drums with me! And have offered drum circle facilitation throughout small towns in Saskatchewan.

My participation in the arts community in Eastend has included the Eastend Arts Council, creating A.G.E.S. - Artisan Guild of Eastend and Surrounding Areas. Sask Culture Days and exhibitions in Western Canada and most recently through a travelling show curate by OSAC (Organization of Sask Arts Councils).

If you are interested in art workshops, paint and create nights, or drum circles please contact me!

Moonsdóttir Studio
Website: Trea Jensen
Tel.  (306) 295-7172

Zanj Art is the name of an Art Studio in Eastend owned and operated by a very talented local artist, Bryson.Bryson - Owner of Zanj Art

Zanj Art is open for design consultations as well as purchase of many unique and fascinating items made right on the premises, such as:

  • Posters
  • Fabric Transfers
  • Note Cards and Postcards
  • Reminder Pin-up Notice Cards for Grand kids
  • Zanj Designed Eastend Souvenir Ball Caps and Tee-Shirts are available while stock lasts

To view these and other items that are available, please call 306-295-3656 and leave a message to make an appointment.
Please leave your name and number, and your e-mail can also be reached to get back to you.

Zanj Art will take commissions for: "merging several photographs into one" (Photo Stitching).

Make Portraits in realism or caricature:

  • in-line (contour drawing) - Sample
  • pointillism (a distinct pattern made from dots) - Sample
  • or blend (edges are blended into one another for a smooth transition) - Sample

  • make Illustrations that are generated with the latest computer software.
  • make Logos, Trade Characters & Font Designs.
  • make Paintings in oils (both realism and surrealism)

Whichever kind of Visual Art need you have, Zanj Art can help and will do so with enthusiasm, great knowledge and sure footed assistance. Contact Zanj to discuss your Art Needs.
Call (306) 295-3656 or send an e-mail to

Zanj Art Design Samples: