The Blue Dog Studio displays the work of three talented potters:

Melanie Graven 

Eastend potter Melanie Graven has dabbled sporadically in clay for going on twenty years, but feels most at home creating in clay in these prairie environs. Experimentation in different clays and techniques such as hand building and sgraffito keeps it fresh for her busy brain. Her busy hands can be found keeping The Blue Dog Studio and Coffee house running here in Eastend!


Linda Krisjansons

Western artist Linda Krisjansons sculpts in clay what she sees around her. She has the uncanny ability to capture a millisecond in time, motion and emotion. Linda and her partner ranch north of the town of Eastend, and her marvelous work is displayed at The Blue Dog.


Hanna Graven

Hannah Graven, an already accomplished painter and weaver finds the fluid medium of clay intriguing and has used it to create sculpture both realistic and whimsical. She is dabbled more recently in wheel throwing and the ancient technique of pinch potting

The Blue Dog Studio
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Email: thebluedogstudio@gmail.com

The Search for the Elusive, makes every piece unique!A result of the combined 'magic' of a fuel burning kiln, carbon trap glazes, a creative hand and a curious mind.

A tradition that reaches back thousands of years is alive in all its stages in the picturesque valley of the Frenchman River.

Potter Stephen Girard, a native of the valley, wins his clay from the stratified deposits of 'white mud' which stand out in bold relief along the ancient hills above the river. Summer visitors may watch the process of refining the raw clay, of screening, blunging,and pugging, before the 'mud' is ready for the creative hands of Stephen. 

The studio is open all year to visitors*, who have the chance to see the clay thrown upon the wheel or shaped out of extruded slabs, into objects and vessels of use and beauty. 

Watch the techniques of bisquing, dipping, waxing, and glazing which comprise each part of the process which culminates with the high temperature stoneware firing in a gas-fired down draught kiln.

Studio tours available by appointment.

Hours of operation:

  • May- Sept - Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm - Sunday - closed
  • Oct - Dec - Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm - but please call ahead
  • Jan- April - Hours vary - please call ahead

The Studio and Gallery:
505 Pottery Street Eastend, SK.
Tel.  (306) 294-0400
Email: whitemudclay@gmail.com Website: whitemudclay.ca